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About Us

To bring a library-type environment to the communities in and around Kuntunse, where children, teens, and adults can fully enjoy books and other items donated by people and organizations that have the means to. This idea would also focus on having events such as author’s corner (an author comes and shares his stories/journey and also inspires others who attend), contests (children can be part of this event and earn prizes.

It would include drawing and writing books to put on display), and other services such as donating books and needed supplies to schools in need. The idea is to not only have a place where the community feels safe and wants to learn but also have the means to have those things offered to them or accessible to them. The main focus is being able to provide books for children who do not have the opportunity to read or own a book of their own.

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We Help

Providing hygiene and other item handouts to girls in need.

We Educate

Providing books for children who do not have the opportunity to read or own a book of their own.

We Build

Building a book club where authors come and share their journey and also inspire others who attend.

We Nourish

Cultivating the habit of reading among children, teens and adults.

Our Services

Lending out books & book giveaways.

Computer sessions.

Hygiene and other item handouts.

Author readings and events.

“A book is a device to ignite the imagination."

~Alan Bennett

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